London’s Spiritland is a café bar with a difference; as well as serving exceptional local and international artisan coffee, drinks and small plates. Spiritland boasts a bespoke audiophile sound system and a professional radio studio, all in a stunning aesthetically and acoustically designed space in the new development in King’s Cross. Inspired by Japan’s world-famous Jazz Kissa listening bars, Spiritland’s approach is about deep listening, rather than filling a dance floor. With a custom-built Living Voice speaker system, powered by valve amplifiers by the Italian company Atelier du Triode, along with a custom-built Isonoe rotary mixer and Isonoe modified turntables presented in a bespoke DJ booth, Spiritland has one of the most impressive sound systems in the UK.


Spiritland London

Spiritland has a varied program of DJ’s playing 7 days a week, who rely on the Audio-Technica AT-XP7 cartridges to deliver their sets in crystal quality, with Audiophile connoisseurs having the option of the AT-VM750SH. In addition to the DJ set up, Spiritland also has a high-end Kuzma turntable, fitted with an ART1000 moving coil cartridge, which is used for their daily deep listening album club, as well as listening parties and special events.

In addition to the audiophile sound system, Spiritland also has a professional radio studio under its roof. Inspired by Spiritland co-founder and Artistic Director Paul Noble’s career as a radio producer, the venue offers a space for live or pre-recorded radio shows, podcast creation, voiceover recording, Facebook live sessions and full mixing, mastering and post-production services. Used by professional podcasters and radio producers, including BBC Radio 3, the studio uses the Audio-Technica BP40 large-diaphragm microphones, as well as the ATH-M50x and ATH-M70x monitoring headphones.

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