January 9thConsumer Electronics Show 2018, Las Vegas Audio-Technica adds ATH-DSR5BT in-ear headphones to its DSR range, continuing to redefine wireless audio on-the move. Employing innovative proprietary Pure Digital Drive™ system technology these headphones keep the original audio signal completely digital from source to driver for an unrivalled sound performance. The ATH-DSR5BT join the over-ear Bluetooth® aptX HD-enabled ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT headphones for a best-in-class in-ear wireless audio experience.

The ATH-DSR5BTs are the first in-ear headphones to feature the specially developed Pure Digital Drive™ system. Sound quality during a digital-to-analogue conversion will often distort and degrade, by implementing a Trigence Semiconductor Dnote® chipset the digital-to-analogue process is bypassed, keeping the audio signal completely digital from the source direct to the headphone drivers. The result is a crystal clear and natural audio performance, revealing a level of detail and clarity never heard before over a wireless connection.


First introduced in Audio-Technica’s CKR in-ear range and associated with loudspeaker technology, the ATH-DSR5BT boast newly developed dual phase push pull drivers. Highly efficient, this design features two different sized 9.8mm and 8.8mm drivers facing each other, moving together in the opposite direction and wired out of phase. This results in harmonic distortion being reduced and timing improved, while power is boosted and output sensitivity increased. Combined with the Pure Digital Drive™ system the audio performance is spacious, expansive but refined across an extended frequency range.

With support for Bluetooth® aptX HD music fans can discover the stunning  sonics of higher resolution audio over a wireless connection (up to 24-bit/48Khz quality) via today’s compatible portable music players and smartphones. The ATH-DSR5BT also handles SBC and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), providing a superior audio experience, compared to MP3 at similar bit rates.

To ensure a comfortable but secure fit on-the-go, a new ergonomically designed neckband rests neatly on the back of the neck. This design positions the microphone, volume and music/video playback controls in front of the neck for easy access and operation.

The ATH-DSR5BT arrives with a carry case for extra protection in transit, a variety of different sized sound-isolating Silicone eartips, to find a snug fit, and a USB cable for charging.

The Audio-Technica ATH-DSR5BT has now been discontinued

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To see and hear these new products please visit Audio-Technica at CES: Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1-2 Ground Level, Booth #20854 and at The Venetian, Floor 29, Suite 29-336