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Conferencing solutions from Audio-Technica combine superb sound quality and dependable operation in a range of governmental settings. The ATUC-50 is an affordable wired system, offering sparkling speech intelligibility plus interpretation support for multilingual communities. Individually-assigned LED colours help identify different speakers or groups, while audio recording simplifies archiving of meetings. Highly versatile and easy to install, the ATUC-IR Hybrid Infrared Conference System is the ideal choice for government and council environments where sensitive information is being discussed. Transmission is intrinsically secure and tap-proof, ensuring that confidential discussions cannot be eaves-dropped outside the room.

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Government Projects

Maritime Office, Poland

The Maritime Office is a part of maritime administrations in Poland, responsible for the safety of shipping, protection of seaports, research and exploitation of seabed mineral resources and many others. Maritime Office hosts many meetings, conferences and events and needed a flexible and easy to use conferencing system.

  • 25x ATUC-50DU – Discussion Unit
  • 1x ATUC-50CU – Control unit
  • ATUC-M43H – Microphones

City Council of Bruz, France

The council of Bruz was looking for a conferencing system with high sound quality and was affordable which was to be used regularly for their internal meetings. The design of the ATUC-50 was also a factor in their selection.

  • 19x ATUC-50DU – Discussion Unit
  • 1x ATUC-50CU – Control Unit
  • 19x ATUC-M43H – Microphones

Municipal Council building, Latvia

The ATUC-50 conference system was installed at a rural municipality building in to make meetings easier to manage. For future referencing and not taking, separate recordings are created with the Control Unit.

Clear indication of the participants’ hierarchy was needed and the technical equipment needed to be logged. Recording was necessary to be able to provide proof of the decisions made at the meetings.  The ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System was chosen as it met these requirements.

  • 18x ATUC-50DU – Discussion Unit
  • 1x ATUC-50CU – Control unit
  • 18x ATUC-M43H – Microphones

Tallmage City Council Chamber, USA

The council needed a new conference system for the Town Hall to replace an old system. The new system had to have high sound quality, be very easy to use and be almost invisible.

The AUTC-50 system was selected due to it being plug and play, and able to deliver a reliable clear uncompressed audio. The web remote control was used to setup and control the system. Integration units were used so only the microphone was visible on the desks.

  • 9x ATUC-50IU – Integration Unit
  • 1x ATUC-50CU – Control Unit
  • 9x ATUC-M58H – Microphones



Hybrid Infrared Conference System
Up to 500 meeting delegates (in conjunction with ATUC-50)
Superb digital audio quality with feedback suppressor
Highly secure, reliable communication
Portable with easy installation and flexible customisation
Convenient control with Web Remote
Record audio on USB for safekeeping

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Digital Discussion System up to 150 delegates
Premium Sound quality and speech intelligibility
Individual Automated Gain Control (AGC), Mic gain and Mic EQ
Compatibility with standard XLR3 pin gooseneck
High quality speaker for enhanced intelligibility
Clear LED display for volume control and channel selection

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