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Boost student engagement and facilitate truly interactive learning with conferencing solutions from Audio-Technica. Offering crystal clear sound, the ATUC-50 allows every student to have their own discussion unit, enabling them to respond instantly and ask questions that everyone can hear in the largest lecture theatre. Support for three-language interpretation allows students to enjoy foreign language lectures in real time. Audio can be recorded and replayed for self-study and remote learning. The portable ATUC-IR Hybrid Infrared Conference System minimises cabling requirements, allowing quick setup and removal of units to another location for highly efficient use of meeting resources.

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Education Projects

Manchester University, UK

The university required a high-quality audio conferencing solution for their monthly University Board Member meetings of up to 40 members, which take place at many locations in old listed buildings that are not designed for audio conferences. They needed a solution to provide high quality audio in the room but also transmit the sound to members who would attend video conference.  ATUC-50 was the ideal choice due to its high audio quality, easy of use, affordability and expandability

  • 1x ATUC-50CU – Control Unit
  • 40x ATUC-50DU – Discussion Unit
  • 40x ATUC-M43H –  Microphones
  • 40x ATUC-M58H – Microphones

“The ATUC-50 is highly recommended to other Higher Education institutions”

Erasmus University, Netherlands

The ATUC-50 conference system replaced an older conference system that was in their largest meeting room at the university conference centre. This system was selected due to the high sound quality, easy of setup, remote monitoring of the equipment with no technician being needed in the room, and interfacing with 3rd party automation software. The system is used several times as week for internal university meetings and for large external commercial companies.

  • 3x ATUC-50CU – Control Unit
  • 120x ATUC-50DU – Disscusion Unit
  • 120x ATUC-M43H – Microphones

“I would definitely recommend and Audio-Technica ATUC-50 for other universities and education establishments”



Hybrid Infrared Conference System
Up to 500 meeting delegates (in conjunction with ATUC-50)
Superb digital audio quality with feedback suppressor
Highly secure, reliable communication
Portable with easy installation and flexible customisation
Convenient control with Web Remote
Record audio on USB for safekeeping

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Digital Discussion System up to 150 delegates
Premium Sound quality and speech intelligibility
Individual Automated Gain Control (AGC), Mic gain and Mic EQ
Compatibility with standard XLR3 pin gooseneck
High quality speaker for enhanced intelligibility
Clear LED display for volume control and channel selection

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