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Court houses present an environment where court officials, defendants and witnesses must all be heard with clarity and confidentiality. The ATUC-50 offers a highly reliable cabled conferencing solution with exceptional speech intelligibility. Individual discussion units can be organised into four different groups and individually recorded. The ATUC-IR Hybrid Infrared Conference System is ideal for courtrooms where sensitive information is being discussed. Enhanced IR transmission is secure and tap-proof, ensuring the spoken work does not leave the room. Both solutions support simultaneous translation in up to three languages, allowing participants to deliver testimony in their mother tongue.

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Courtroom Projects

Court House, Sweden

The ATUC-50 discussion system was installed in the court house to ensure that all participants were clearly heard, and the proceedings could be recorded for future reference.

  • 16x ATUC-50DU – Discussion Unit
  • 1x ATUC-50CU – Control unit
  • 16x ATUC-M43H – Microphones

Cherbourg and Charleville, France

A new conference system was need to replace an old system and the ATUC-50 was chosen due to its  high audio clarity, easy of installation and reliable performance.

  • 9x ATUC-50DU – Discussion Unit
  • 1x ATUC-50CU – Control Unit
  • ATUC-M43H – Microphones



Hybrid Infrared Conference System
Up to 500 meeting delegates (in conjunction with ATUC-50)
Superb digital audio quality with feedback suppressor
Highly secure, reliable communication
Portable with easy installation and flexible customisation
Convenient control with Web Remote
Record audio on USB for safekeeping

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Digital Discussion System up to 150 delegates
Premium Sound quality and speech intelligibility
Individual Automated Gain Control (AGC), Mic gain and Mic EQ
Compatibility with standard XLR3 pin gooseneck
High quality speaker for enhanced intelligibility
Clear LED display for volume control and channel selection

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