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ATND8677 - [Discontinued]

Microphone Desk Stand with Dante™

  • Connects directly to Dante network via Ethernet cable
  • Integrated user switch controls talk/mute in Local mode
  • Integrated user switch triggers Dante-enabled devices in Remote mode
  • Powered by network PoE
  • Scalable across Dante’s 512 bidirectional audio channels
  • Touch-sensitive capacitive-type user switch

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ATND8677 ATND8677 ATND8677 ATND8677 ATND8677 ATND8677


The first microphone base for the DANTE™ network

The ATND8677 is a Dante-enabled microphone desk stand for use with any gooseneck microphone with a three-pin XLRM-type output connector. The desk stand is designed for surface-mount applications such as high-quality sound reinforcement, conferencing, distance learning and other demanding sound pickup applications. No longer relying on a standalone Dante audio interface, and benefitting from a switch and an indicator light, the ATND8677 connects directly to the audio network via a standard RJ-45 and a structured wiring port, ensuring high flexibility during installation and fast relocation.

  • Microphone base for Dante™ system. Connects directly to the network via a standard Ethernet cable (RJ-45 Cat5 8P8C) - no need for expensive audio cable or soldering
  • XLRF entry for quick and easy connection of any XLRM gooseneck microphone
  • Local or remote control of low-cut UniSteep® filter, red/green LED status indicator and phantom power (P12)
  • Local or remote control of gain (+ 30dB / + 40dB / + 50dB / Mute) 
  • Scalable across 512 Dante™ bidirectional audio channels
  • Low-cut filter to reduce low-frequency ambient noise without affecting sound reproduction
  • Powered by the network (PoE - Power Over Ethernet)
  • Heavy die-cast case and non-slip silicone foam bottom pads minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone
  • 5 years guarantee

“Easy to implement, to use and to extend”

Dante™ technology has become the standard in the professional audio sector. The real plug-and-play solution, Dante™ uses standard Internet protocols to deliver digital audio and control data with very low latency. The ATND8677 exploits the benefits Dante™ to provide a high-performance audio solution, easy to implement, use and extend.

“Up to 512 bi-directional audio channels”

Ideally suited to boardrooms and meeting spaces, network microphones have a simple Ethernet connectivity, are inexpensive, and boast a remarkable sound quality. Dante™ can support up to 512 channels of bidirectional audio, the network microphones offer a solution that can easily be extended.

“Local or remote-controlled”

Powered directly by the network cable, the ATND8677 can also be used to transmit control data in a Dante™ networking device. Its programmable switch can be used to trigger the rotation / tilt the video camera, recall the lighting presets or to control anything else on the network.


light indicator

LED green / red indicator light, 80Hz low-cut filter, attenuation pads, and phantom power on / off switch.


Powered by the network

The ATND8677 microphone base feeds directly to the network via its PoE Ethernet port (Power Over Ethernet).


Symetrix and biamp

Also works with Symetrix and Biamp control software, compatible with the new feature Dante GPIO.



UniGuard® shielding technology against radio frequency interference (RFI)

Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz
Impedance 1.4 kO
Maximum Input Sound Level -10 dBu @ +30 dB gain / -20 dBu @ +40 dB gain / -30 dBu @ +50 dB gain
Low Frequency Roll Off 80 Hz, 18 dB/octave
Switches Local Mode: Touch-sensitive capacitive-type user switch function: toggle (mute on power up), toggle (talk on power up), momentary on, momentary off;
Low-cut filter: flat, roll-off;
Gain: +30 dB, +40 dB, +50 dB;
Phantom power: 12V DC, off
Remote Mode: Low-cut and Gain via third-party software*
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 68 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
Phantom Power Requirements 12V DC
Power Requirements PoE IEEE802.3af standard
Weight 770g
Dimensions 133.0 mm maximum length, 93.8 mm maximum width, 46.2 mm maximum height
Output Connector 3-pin XLRF-type
Physical level: standard Ethernet
Dante network:Connector: single RJ45 | Cable quality: Shielded CAT5 or CAT6 recommended | Transmission speed: 100 Mbps


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Microphone Desk Stand with Dante™

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Trusted by industry professionals

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50 Years of Devotion to music

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A Legacy in Innovation

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A Passion for Listening

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5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

For decades the Engineered Sound range of microphones have been industry favourites in the fixed installation market. To reinforce their position as go-to microphones for your installation project Audio-Technica is delighted to offer a five year warranty on all Engineered Sound microphones as well as the full range of dante-enabled network audio microphones including the ATND971 and ATND8677*.

(* T&Cs apply)