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ATCS-V60 - [Discontinued]

ATCS-60 Voting Unit

  • Bespoke interactive voting unit for the ATCS-60 infrared conference system
  • Connects and fits perfectly on the ATCS-M60 panel
  • 5 voting buttons available, with LEDs
  • Works with ATCS-60 MAG control software
  • Option which may be added to the system ATCS-60 at any time
  • Cover to keep voting secret

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optional interactive voting unit

In the digital era, the safeguarding of sensitive information is paramount. With Audio Technica's infrared conferencing system your wireless signal will not leave the room; it is impossible to capture from another building, for example. Compared to a UHF system which uses radio waves, that behave in the same way as a radio station transmitting over a broad area, the infrared system excels at protecting your confidential information, as no leakage is possible.

The ATCS-V60 is a voting unit which can be connected to the ATCS-M60 delegate console via the inbuilt cable. The cable can be wound and positioned within the grommet located in the housing. The ATCS-V60 fits perfectly under the front panel of the delegate unit (ATCS-M60).

  • Fits perfectly to the delegate unit, to make a module
  • 5 voting buttons and corresponding LED lights
  • The voting function requires the use of the ATCS-60MAG control software to customize voting methods
  • Connects by a 480mm cable to the delegate unit
  • Cover ensures confidentiality of the vote
  • Optional unit that can be purchased and added at any time to an existing ATCS-60 infrared conferencing system

“5 voting buttions with LED indicators”

The unit has five voting buttons with corresponding LEDs. The voting options are: - Yes / No - Yes / No / Abstain - 2 options (eg customizable with the name of two candidates in an election) - 3 options - 4 options - 5 options

“configuration software”

The voting function requires the use of the ATCS-60MAG control software. This software allows customization of vote sample profiles and retrieve the results of the vote, by exporting as a CSV file ( for use with Excel, Open Office...)


As the ATCS-V60 unit is modular, it can be added to an ATCS-60 system at any time, which gives the user the advantage of postponing the decision to add the voting option to the system.


480mm cable

Provided in the housing is a long cable that enables the unit to be positioned away from the main delegate panel, for increased discretion.

cover for confidentiality

A cover protects the buttons of the ATCS-V60 but also allows delegates to vote confidentially with its opening angle of 130°.

atcs-60mag software

This software allows you to customize voting procedures and retrieve the results of votes, by exporting as a CSV file.

perfect integration

Made with the same design and shape as the other elements of the system, the ATCS-V60 fits in fully with the ATCS-M60 unit.


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