How do I re-string the AT8449 shock mount?

The spare parts are available to order through our web store. For customers based outside the UK, France or Germany, please contact your local Authorised Audio-Technica Distributor. Remove the basket from the frame and examine how the old elastic is strung through the basket.

Remove old elastic and rubber bands. Starting with the third hole from the left, replace the rubber bands by weaving the elastic at the “double hole” side, Leave around 30mm of loose elastic at the end for the clamp.

From the back, thread the elastic through the fourth hole and back through the next hole. Leave a loop as in the picture below for the mounting and pull elastic tight on the inside of the basket.

Continue weaving the elastic all the way round and you should have 4 “loops” to mount the basket to the frame.

Thread the elastic through the hole directly below, and turn the basket upside down.

Continue weaving the elastic following the same directions for the top section. Once this is complete use some pliers to clamp the 2 loose ends to the vertical elastic to secure it all together. Trim off any extra elastic.

Place the complete basket inside the outer mounting.

Finally, mount the basket back into the frame using the elastic loops.

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