How do I replace the ear pads on my headphones?

Our ear pads are available to order directly through our web store.

To remove old pads place your finger under the inside of the pad and pull diagonally out, up, and away from the headphone, working the loose pad all the way around the ear cup.

To put a new pad in place, push the pad lip into the gap on one side and use your finger underneath the inside of the pad to lift the pad and work the lip into the gap all the way around.

You can also use a flat-headed screwdriver under the lip of the pad, but take care not to damage the pad itself. Work it over the top of the headphone then into the gap. Our ear pads that are not yet available online are available to purchase through our Service department by calling 0113 277 1441 (press option 4 for Service via the auto-attendant), or for customers based outside the UK, please contact your local Authorised Audio-Technica Distributor.

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